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TAPS will bombard our program dancers
with an enormous variety of teachers.

TAPS dancers will experience new teachers every hour and then different teachers every day.

TAPS faculty is much larger and more diverse than a University faculty and resembles what at professional dancer will encounter in a normal day.

Nothing is more important to a professional dancer than to be a great auditioning dancer and the only way to accomplish that, is by repetition. Our dancers will gain confidence in their auditioning skills by auditioning four times a day, being critiqued on that audition and then auditioning again. We will take them to the point where nothing at an audition will surprise them or confuse them.

TAPS dancers will learn

  • How to pick up styles and steps more quickly.
  • How to stand out in a group.
  • How to create good body language.
  • How to look, dress, speak and act at an audition.
  • How to handle yourself when you don’t get the job and what questions to ask when you do GET THE JOB.

In the second semester, our dancers will audition for
industry employers, agents and dance companies
but when these auditions take place, they will be ready!


…where real preparation meets real opportunity.

“In today’s world, everything seems like some sort of long audition.” – Bob Fosse


The TAPS Advantage