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Commercial Acting

The commercial industry loves dancers!

TJMax, The Gap, Target, Ford Motors and more all use dance to sell their products. A single commercial can make a dancer a years salary. Dancers can  pocket 90,000 dollars on a good commercial spot in thirteen weeks. A dance around a Ford automobile can make you an easy 20,000 dollars. How many young competition dancers are prepared for this lucrative market? Very few.

As part of the TAPS program our dancers will take part in an on-camera commercial workshop.

  • They will learn how to get a commercial agent (different from a dance agent).
  • They will learn what to wear to a commercial call and what not to wear.
  • How to slate your name and agency.
  • They will get hands-on instruction as to looking into the lens and making the camera become your best friend.

All commercial techniques will be recorded and played back for the dancer to use as a learning tool and all dancers will learn from each other.Commercial acting and dancing in commercials is another valuable market that a young person must prepare for if they want to have a long successful career. Prepare NOW!


“I told you to sell it, not give it away!”Jerome Robbins


“I am so happy to have gotten a job that I start right after TAPS! Hard work pays off, and I know I wouldn’t of been here without TAPS!” – Julia Marie Bates

The TAPS Advantage