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Marketing a dance career is seldom taught and almost never executed. Few dancers truly know how to market themselves yet nothing can be more beneficial than self-marketing.

TAPS dancers will receive career guidance with pictures, resumes, demo reels and websites.

They will learn:

  • Where the jobs are.

  • How to find them;

  • What they pay;

  • What questions to ask.

  • What to watch out for.

  • What to bring with you and most importantly, how to get the job.

“A new career is usually a slow time. The offers aren’t coming in yet, money is usually tight and young dancers don’t know what to do to make things happen.”

  • TAPS dancers will be instructed on a routine to carry out everyday to create opportunities.
  • They will know every morning what must be done today to make a career happen.
  • All available tools will be utilized, mail, email, social media and phone marketing.
  • They will learn to write correspondence that is sincere and professional.
  • How to reach out to producers, agents and casting directors.
  • How to get yourself seen.
  • What to say when you meet industry people at a party or event.
  • They will learn that all marketing must be done often and with persistence.



Our dancers will be ready to audition when
their marketing has created the opportunity.

The TAPS Advantage